I first became interested in photogaphy as a child growing up in the former GDR (East Germany), and bought my first camera when I turned fourteen.

Soon after, I joined a small local Photography club where I encountered my first darkroom, when black and white photography and analogue techniques were the norm.

As the years went by, my camera equipment became bigger and more professional. Canon has become my favourite brand when I go on my long photography journeys abroad, as well as for all my other projects.
Having been a photography enthusiast for many years I decided to acquire formal training, and I earned my degree in photography from the CE3P School in Paris in 2011. A few years later I earned another certification as a Graphic Designer (specialising for the web). Today I combine my skills learned from these disciplines as often as I can.

Since then I’ve worked as a Freelancer – event photographer, lifestyle and travel photographer and magazine reporter. During these years I’ve also spent time working on projects, which involved Architecture and Fine art.

I’ve also worked as a freelancer photographer for editors in France and Germany. In fact, a few book projects exhibiting my photographs were published since 2016. One of my largest projects was the “FHQ – Führerhauptquartier”, a photographic journey through the General Quarter built for Adolf Hitler in Poland during WWII.

Through my activities as a Sport Pilot for powered paragliding and hot air balloons I had the exciting and challenging opportunity to take a lot of aerial photography. A drone that I bought a few years ago has assisted me tremendously to pursue this activity, and I’ve captured some stunning images in the last couple of years!

If my photos interest you, or if you have an interesting project to suggest, or even just a question or comment, please let me know. Since I travel frequently, the best way to contact me is via email.

Gunnar Lentz